Rob Richings

“Brave and brutal, Rob Richings Proves himself to be a sharp observer, a talented writer and an open book in his musical debut”
Maverick Magazine

"Simplicity, honesty and heart are what Richings music is about"
The Telegraph

If second chances are for the lucky, singer-songwriter Rob Richings is one of the luckiest. Diagnosed in 2009 with what proved to be a near-fatal illness, once he beat it Richings decided enough was enough and it was time to get serious about his music. So after jacking in his decorating job, and now relatively healthy, it’s time to make good on his promise to himself.

“I don’t want my illness to define what I do,” Rob says, “but at the same time, that illness and the way I look at life now has made me a better songwriter.”

Born in Swindon, Rob moved to rural Ireland aged 11 when his mum received a job offer (“Something in IT for a solicitor, I think – I didn’t take much notice.”). His two brothers and sister thrived in the countryside, camping, rambling, swimming, just being kids in the outdoors. It was also where he discovered music.

Debut Album - Parkas And Boots

Half Way Up

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